37 Weeks

Our baby girl is 37 weeks, only 3 more to go!

This little stinker of a girl is still breech. When my dr checked me at my last appointment she was so sure she flipped because she thought she felt her head, however she double checked with the ultrasound and we saw that nope, she’s just got a rather hard bottom. Because her butt is dropped and continues to drop, the dr gave us a 30% chance of the external version working, so we opted to pass.

As long as she continues to stay breech we’ll have a c-section sometime at 39 weeks. We’ll find out more as the last few weeks go on.

This week we also got our maternity photos done by Theresa Hermus. This was one of the things on my to-do list before baby. I was actually going to attempt them on our own with a tripod, but decided I needed to let some things “go” otherwise this baby was going to be here before it was done. We had so much fun and got to see this sneak peek… can’t wait to see the rest!

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