30 Weeks!

How in the world am I at 30 weeks already!? It seems like time is flying by faster and faster, I just hope it stops when our little girl arrives.

Even though everyone says “you’re so tiny” I’m really starting to get uncomfortable as she gets bigger and stronger each day.. I’m tiny too. I’ve had this weird tingly/numb/burning pain right on the top of my bump for a week or so and has been hurting non-stop. We learned at our 3D ultrasound that it’s because her head is right up there in my ribs (ouch!). Also, because she was breech and we couldn’t get good images of her face, we’ll get to go back and try again once she flips. I’m already trying a million things to flip her just so that I am not in pain anymore.

This past week at my prenatal doctors appointment, my belly was measuring small (at 25 weeks), so we’ll go in again this week for an ultrasound where they’ll measure everything just to double check. We’re not too concerned, I think it’s just a combination of my size, her petite size, her crazy position, and having a lower amount of fluid (still normal, but on the low end of the range).

The countdown is on 10 more weeks, oh wow we have soooo much to do!

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