31 Weeks

Today marks 31 weeks!

We’re just about two months away from meeting our little girl and is still hard to believe we are so close! This week I made a master list of things we’d like to get done before she arrives. Things like finishing the bathroom, re-installing door knobs on all of our doors, finishing the nursery and fitting in lots of date nights!

This past Thursday I had an ultrasound to double check her size, since my bump seems to be measuring small. Turns out she’s right on track around 3 lbs. We got a couple new profile shots as well as witnessed a few of her yawns. She was also still breech. We’ll see what my dr says this week, but she definitely has time to still turn around!

One of my next things to also check out are some books and methods to figuring out a sleeping/eating routine. I’ve heard great things about the Baby Wise book. One thing I know is with both of us working, we’ll definitely appreciate getting on a schedule asap as well as getting her to sleep through the night.

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