Fireplace Update

Every since we moved in, I’ve played with the idea of painting our brick fireplace white. 1. It would match everything else great 2. It’s kind of the thing to do… but I was just having a hard time pulling the trigger, scared that I wouldn’t like or and there was no way in going back. I also thought about re-sale and would the next owners want brick.

Well I posted this image on Facebook asking for everyone’s opinion and everyone (but my dad) agreed that it should be painted!

So next up, I photoshopped it…
So since we have plenty of Behr White Paint + Primer that matches the rest of our house, I went for it. And here’s my progress so far… and holy cow it’s going to take a LONG time to finish this project! 1. Our brick is like textured to the extreme, so it’s very difficult to get good coverage 2. My time is limited, so the only chance I have to do this is when E naps, so Mondays and Weekend days. I’ve only started the bottom, I’m already dreading the upper part! Too bad all those people that said “paint it!” didn’t volunteer to help 😉

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