Happy Home Challenge

A few weeks ago I came across this article on Apartment Therapy titled, 10 simple things that will make you happier at home. Not that I’m unhappy at our new home – but at that point in time when I read it, our home was a disaster just after moving – and some parts still are. So if I could do a few things to make myself less crazy, I figured it’s worth trying. Some of the ten things on this list are… make your bed everyday, as you leave a room make sure it’s left picked-up, embrace the daily chores such as doing the dishes and laundry, and doing small favors for your spouse and family daily.

So I created a challenge for myself to follow those rules daily….

1. Make your bed daily – I have got in a habit of doing this and it is amazing how great it feels to come home to a clean room and it literally only takes 2 minutes in the morning. However, I do skip weekends (unless we are having company) or days like today where Drew had off and was still sleeping when I left for work.

2. Picking up each room as you leave it – I’m trying hard on this one, but it doesn’t work if the other people you live with don’t follow the rule as well – so this is a work in progress. Doing this daily helps for when you have to clean the entire house, you don’t spend the first part of it putting away clutter.

3. Embrace Daily Chores – Dishes and Laundry. I have got the dishes part down. I usually load it up before bed, hit run and then empty it before I leave in the morning – unless days like today where I completely ran out of time. I also have discovered that if your dishwasher isn’t cleaning well, the to 1. Clean it (look it up on pinterest) and 2. Switch detergent. I recently tried the Mrs. Meyers stuff and it works miracles – my glasses that were so cloudy and gross are now crystal clear everytime – try it! The laundry part I have yet to get down… my goal would be to, put a load in the washer as soon as I get up and then go-thru a full cycle. Then I’d quickly load it into the dryer right before I leave. Then upon getting home at night, quickly fold AND put away the load. Sounds soo easy, huh?

4. Do small favors/acts of kindness for your spouse – I think this one is the most important – not only will you feel better about yourself, you’ll make someone else happy. If I ask Drew if I’m doing this, I’m sure he’ll say no, and that probably is correct. I’m sure there are small things I do that I do out of habit and doesn’t even notice because they are my normal things like…. make coffee for both of us in the morning, make dinner, and go grocery shopping. I’d like to go above and beyond those things I already do though – like I did on Saturday, got him a drink from Starbucks on my way home.

So you could say these are my new years goals… but I’m just starting them early this year!

2 thoughts on “Happy Home Challenge

  1. Drew is blessed to have you as a wife, these are good ideas, and being thoughtful definitely doesn’t go unnoticed! have a good thanksgiving week, i get home tonight so im sure ill see you guys soon!