We got a Crib!

More progress has been made on baby girl’s nursery, and it finally is starting to feel like an official nursery vs. just another bedroom. On Tuesday herĀ crib arrived and we were so excited to set it up!

My parents were ready to purchase the crib right at the beginning of the year, but it was out of stock for awhile. I was contacting the parent company every week, making sure it wasn’t being discontinued because this was the crib I had wanted since my sister got hers two years ago. And finally one day there was an “add to cart” button vs. the “out of stock” message that had been displayed!

Here is the crib all set up…
My mom is making a quilt that will match the room (see a sneak peek here), as well as bumpers. I also am going to make a crib skirt since right now the mattress is up high and will be for the first few months. Eventually it will drop and then you won’t be able to see it.

See below how the rest of the nursery is coming together. And yes the walls are staying that color. We also have to figure out what we’re putting on the walls, but hung a mirror (a really dusty mirror) on a nail that was already hanging just to see how it will look. I’ll post an update of that soon!

In between the closet and window, we have three Ribba picture ledges to hang that we’ll display books on. Also, all those paper lanterns and flowers (currently sitting on the tall dresser) will be hung from the ceiling above the rocking chair, we just took them down to paint the ceiling. Also, I LOVE this lampshade (from Target) below.

Eddy has been loving spending time in this room, he even thinks the crib is his cage. We’ll continue to work on the nursery more and more each weekend, and will keep posting updates!

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