28 Weeks

Baby girl is 28 weeks along!

Every day it seems she moves more and more around, it’s so fun! I’ve been trying to catch a video of my belly moving (visible from the outside) but just about the time I press record on my phone she’s done.

This week was fun to play with all the things we got from the shower and put it all away in the nursery. We just about opened all the big “toys” aka – stroller, car seat, pack n play, rock n play, monitor and more just to check it all out. Right now a lot of it’s stashed in our spare guest room, so hopefully it can hang out there for a bit until it’s warm enough to clean our our garage and find places for it.

I figured I’d also share some updated nursery photos since we added some things to the room from the shower… like the quilt and bumpers my mom made, the changing pad, books to the shelves, and the crib skirt that I made this week.

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