Emerald – 3 Months Old

Can’t believe our little gem is 3 months old already, I’m sure I’ll say that every month though! Time is going so fast!

Emerald weighs about 10 lbs right now, wears newborn clothes still, and size one diapers. She loves to try to try to sit up, and stand up, holds her head up very well, she squeals when she’s excited and smiles non-stop. She’s been in the bumbo and exercauser, and loves all the new toys she can play with.

Now that I’m back to work, she hangs out with my mom two days a week and our friend Laura the other two days. From what they say she’s a good baby, besides the few times she has some explosions in her pants or doesn’t want the bottle.

We of course think she’s the cutest thing ever and we can’t get enough of her, she’s constantly making us smile and laugh!

To truly get a glimpse of her life at three months, we made our new traditional monthly video… watch a day in the life of Emerald at three months old:

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