Emerald – The First Few Days

Emerald’s birth day was such a blur as I described in another post. Because I had a c-section we expected to stay in the hospital from Tuesday-Friday. Days were filled with nurses checking in on us lots, feeding Emerald, getting rest and a few visitors.

The first evening the nurses had me up and walking and taking a few steps. The first time I got up I was so nauseous that I threw up 🙁 The next morning at about 6am they had me walking the halls and I felt so much better, granted I was on a lot of pain meds. Tuesday they also were able to remove the catheter, IV, and all the other machines that kept me tied to the bed. It was so great to get up and shower and feel like a human again. From there on out, the pain was minimal and I was moving pretty good, and was much improved as the days went on. I just had to remember to slow down a bit and take it easy.

Emerald had lots of visitors throughout our stay in the hospital as well as the first few days at home. Sometimes we remembered to get out our camera, sometimes we totally forgot. I blame sleep deprivation. Also, we tried to snap a few family photos the first few days…

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