Emerald: One Month Old

How in the world is my little newborn a month old already? She may still look like a newborn and weigh as much as a newborn (6 lbs 8oz), but I can already see how much she is growing.

She is way more alert and not so sleepy 24/7, she is SO close to smiling on her own (not just gas or in her sleep), follows moving things with her eyes, is starting to “talk” or just make some sort of noises, hits the toys on her mobile when laying on the floor, sits quietly when you read a book to her, and can turn from side to side thanks to her being so light-weight.

To capture the true essence of a one month old and help us remember this time, I took some video of her and tried my best to figure out iMovie and combine these clips. Hopefully this will improve from month to month!

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