Emerald – 5 Months Old

Whoa our baby is five months old, when did that happen!?

This little girl is growing up fast! This month she probably weighs about 13 lbs now, still fitting into most of her 3 month clothes, hopefully by 6 months she’ll be in her 6 month clothes. We started her on solids, though she is not a fan. She just spits it back out and gives us a dirty look (see video below, ha). The food she tolerates the most are prunes, crazy girl.

She still sleeps great and takes naps great thanks to sleep training. She loves to play with her toys, especially anything that lights up or makes noise. She also really wishes she could crawl and chase Eddy… time to start thinking about baby proofing and putting up gates. And she’s still afraid of some strangers, ha.

She gives us giggles and she makes us laugh so much. We just love her so much!

Happy 5 months baby girl!

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