Babywise & Emerald

Ever since Emerald was born we tried to follow the Babywise schedule. It was really the only book I had “read” (it’s in quotes because I haven’t quite read the whole book yet) and had a few friends recommend it, so figured why not. I figured with me working it was really important we get on a schedule so she 1. sleeps at night 2. behaves for her babysitters.

As a newborn she followed the schedule easily, probably because she liked to sleep so much. But around three months we definitely had our trying times where she wasn’t a great day time napper. But, I think sticking to Babywise and being consistent with sleep training (aka letting her fall asleep on her own) has finally paid off and nap time is now a breeze!

We can literally put her in her crib and she’ll fuss for a minute or two and then she’s out (hallelujah!). I think she knows it’s coming now too and is happy to rest her eyes a bit. We’ve also learned she likes a few things like a blanket in her face, her nook, her sound machine to help her get in the mood for sleepy time.

I hear there is a four month sleep regression, but really hoping it skips us, ha!

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