Emerald // 4 Months Old

Our little gem is four months old today!

She weighs about 12 lbs (we’ll confirm at her doctors appointment next week, along with her height) now, she’s still our little peanut! She’s wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. This month she rolled over for the first time, belly laughed and squeals with excitement like no one’s business. She also had her first cold (along with Drew and I) and had her first ear infection, poor baby.

We successfully transitioned her to sleeping in her crib at night, usually sleeping 8-9 hours! She definitely has her favorite people, she loves her mom and dad and her grammie (my mom), and sometimes is scared of others and cries, like when she’s in the nursery.

She is definitely developing a little personality and is constantly making us laugh, we love her so much!

Emerald can’t wait to try solid food this next month, as she’s been very interested at eating at the dinner table with us!

Check out her 4 month video too!


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