Blast From the Past: Colorado

Recently, my macbook pro had an incident where the logic board when bye bye (for the 2nd time). When I went in to get it fixed the Mac Genius asked if I had everything backed up. I lied and said yes but the started to get worried. I hadn’t been backing things up because last time this happened they didn’t delete anything.

I just got it back on Wednesday and the first thing I prayed for was that my stuff hadn’t disappeared. I had tons of file and photos that I would like to keep. So once I got home I immediately backed up everything on my external harddrive (which had 400g empty space – what was I thinking?). While doing so I came across many blast from the past photos. I kept finding great and some hilarious photos and immediately emailed them to all sorts of people, which made this process take 10x longer.

This little incident has inspired me to post each week (trying for Fridays) a blast from the past photo. This week is a photo from a Fine Arts Trip to Denver, Co. We had a few days to explore the landscape and took this photo with some of my closest friends at that time (and some still so). It’s crazy that this photo is legit – the background totally looks fake but I promise, it’s not!

PS. The second from the left is my friend Heather who is an amazing photographer. I’ve recently been working with her to update her photography brand logo, look and website. Go check out the site we are just putting the finishing touches on 🙂

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