36 Weeks!

This baby girl is 36 weeks… and only has 4 to go!

My doctor appointments are weekly now and she’s begun to “check me”. Not the most fun experience, but it’ll hopefully show some progress over time. This past doctors appointment on Tuesday, I was not dilated, and she was still breech. If she is still breech this week, my doctor will try to flip her on Friday. Not really looking forward to it since I’ll have to get an IV and I hear it’s painful and not always successful…

We’ve been making lots of progress on our to-do list this week in our bathroom (removed mirror, removed vanity top, sanded walls, texturized walls, started painting, and installed new vanity top). Hopefully this week we will get the faucet in, finish painting the walls and the cabinet doors rehung. Then it’s just a few cosmetic things like hanging hooks for towels and installing baseboards.

I also started packing the hospital bag and installed her carseat! Ah so close!

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