32 Weeks

And we’re at 32 weeks now!

People have been asking me how my pregnancy has been and if I enjoy it. Honestly, it doesn’t feel all too different, except I’m starting to get a bit more uncomfortable with her head in my ribs and trying to do things like bending over. ┬áIt is fun to feel her move around though, and I’m guessing I’ll miss that, but I think having her outside my body will be great too, ha. My doctor recently told me that most of her patients by time they get to delivery are willing to tackle labor because they just want their own bodies back, I’m sure I’ll agree.

I’ve been starting to think about what I all need to pack in the hospital bag and thanks to pinterest I’ve found a million lists. I also took a look at what newborn sized clothes we have for her and see what we want her to wear at the hospital and wear home. Here are my picks so far… (the chambray and pink striped outfit is what she’ll go home in). Target for the win!

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