13 Weeks

Woot I’m finally in the second trimester, meaning 1/3 is over which is nice to think about. I am also looking forward to not gagging so much on things such as toothpaste, tylenol, and weird food smells and FINALLY having enough energy once I get home from work or on the weekend to clean my house. I’ve been really slacking since I’m exhausted once I get home from work and usually doze off on the couch by 8:30pm.

And now that I’m finally to the second trimester and starting to show just a tiny bit, I thought it would be neat to document how my body grows with this baby inside of it throughout my pregnancy. So browsing pinterest, I saw this silhouette idea and figured I’d try it out, especially because I’m not very good with selfies.

So as you can currently see the baby is starting to show, however it may just have been my spaghettios I had just eaten for lunch. Obviously it’s not much for the normal person to notice, maybe just me especially since my butt is currently bigger than my belly.

It’ll be fun to look back when I’m huge and try to remember how little I was at one point.

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