14 Weeks

Today our baby is 14 weeks old… well 14 weeks old in my stomach. And for the first time this pregnancy, I’ve felt not that great. On Monday I thought I had morning sickness, but then on Tuesday and Wednesday I threw up multiple times but also had a fever so then I assumed it was the flu. Then Saturday I felt lightheaded and short of breath and also threw up…. so I’m trying to pay more attention about making sure I get enough iron, staying hydrated and eating healthy. Hoping this week is better….

Yesterday we also celebrated Christmas with Drew’s Mom and brother and sister. Baby got some great gifts already too, though they are probably more for me and Drew. We got a rocking chair (which is currently in our living room for now), a camera bag which I will use as a diaper bag, some cuteĀ storage things, a hamper and some clothes. Baby already has a ton of things already, I’m so bad at being patient.

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