Nursery Update

This weekend Drew and I didn’t leave our house on Saturday and were able to spend some time getting the nursery ready! We painted the ceilings since there were a few spots from the previous owners, and then started putting everything in its right place to get organized. Here are a few updated photos with some additions like the rocking chair and lamp, but still missing lots of things!

We’re just waiting on the crib to arrive (which will go on the remaining empty wall), and then all the furniture will be set. Next up will be deciding where we’re going to hang everything on the walls. We have a large mirror, collage type items, shelves for books and a few other pieces. I’ve been searching pinterest for some ideas as far as what to hang over the crib and changing table/desk.

If you don’t remember, here is my original “moodboard” for the room.

Eddy seems to spend a lot of time in the room, I secretly think he thinks it’s his. But he’ll be in for a big surprise come June!

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