Reese Easter Fest

It’s time.. time to all bore you to death while I rave about how cute my little niece is. But seriously, she is.

So this past weekend my sister, brother-in-law and my niece came to visit for the weekend and I basically made it a point to spend every possible second with them – I even spent the night at my parents house (where they were staying). I just love her and after seeing her little personality shine more and more each day makes me more sad each day that we miss out on it.

Anyways, we took the opportunity to take her 10 month photos, as well as some easter themed photos and then a few shots with family… Josh was at his class and missed the opportunity, that is why he isn’t in any. So… enjoy this Reese Fest for a few moments! PS she is totally in the uncontrollable drooling stage as her teeth come thru – so don’t mind all the drool everywhere… even in one of the photos I took with her it’s all over my hand. Craziness I tell you!

She is just my absolute favorite – love her and her all her cuteness.

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