Becky & Josh – Maternity Photos

Let me start by saying this, I am not a photographer! But my little sister asked if on Easter we could go take a few photos of them to document this special time. Becky is now only four weeks away from her due date, and we can’t wait for Reese to get here. Pretty sure she is going to get all these good looks from her parents.

Can’t wait for my little niece Reese gets here so we can spoil her rotten!

3 thoughts on “Becky & Josh – Maternity Photos

  1. These pictures are beautiful! I LOVE!

    Silly question, but are the balloons filled with helium, or just being kept up by the wind? I’d like to try something similar for some birthday photos!


    • Thanks! And yes they were filled with helium! Just be careful because they can blow away easily, luckily we had a lot done already.

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