The First Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since Emerald was born. And while we didn’t really know what to expect the first two weeks, it definitely was a bit different than we had imagined.

When you get married the first year you’re basically in the honeymoon phase. When you have a baby there isn’t that honeymoon-everything’s-perfect phase, not at all. You’re totally clueless on how to raise and take care of this baby, you are sleep deprived, hormones are insane, if you’re breastfeeding that brings quite a few challenges, and you basically have a few moments like “what did we get ourselves into”. We had to really get to know our little gem and learn her quirks, how she responds to everything and figure out a good schedule and routine and now that we are getting to that point of knowing what to expect next, everything is going smoother.

Those first two weeks it was also crucial to have someone helping us. Our church provided meals for us, my mom provided a ton of help around the house and was helpful in making sure I was taking naps. Drew was also keeping track of my meds and would text me from work when it was time to take the next dose. That sounds so crazy, like I can’t keep track of when I took medicine last, but my brain was like mush those first two weeks.

I’d say now that we passed this two week mark, everything is getting sweeter by the minute. Emerald continues to gain weight, she’s eating well, and taking naps and we’re figuring things out better and I even got the chance to do a load of laundry and vacuum today. The first two weeks I didn’t get to really spend time just cuddling and rocking her and now that things have slowed down and we don’t feel so stressed, it’s so nice to enjoy this time with her. These 10 weeks of maternity leave are going to go by way too fast! We’ve been taking lots of photos (check out Facebook and Instagram), but here are a few shots we’ve taken with our canon the past two weeks…

Along with Emerald doing great, so am I. I stopped taking the percocet after one week and now am only taking advil as needed when I get some swelling and sore around my incision. I’m also surprised at how fast my body is bouncing back. I really thought I’d be in much more pain with a c-section, but I’m feeling almost 100% most of the time. Overall, I gained 25 lbs during my pregnancy and am currently only 13 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I took a photo similar to how I was doing the week by week photos for comparison. Thank you breastfeeding!

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