Vanessa Wyler Photography

So I finally put myself out there and was brave and officially started Vanessa Wyler Photography.

Back in January I made it a goal to work on my photography. So I signed up for various workshops, breakouts, and became part of a photographer community. So I’ve spent the past 8 months working on things like white balance, nailing focus, metering, editing in lightroom, and much more. Thankfully I had a subject who was fairly cooperative to let me practice on, thanks Emerald.

Doing so I fell in love with lifestyle photography, obviously if you’ve read this blog, you know that I like to document everything, the big moments and the simple moments. I love capturing the non-posed every day simple things, because that is what is truly real and what I’ll want to remember when I look back on these photos (which I do often).

I had toyed around with the idea of doing photography as a business, but honestly was unsure how to make it work, and if I’d like photographing people other than my family. I had a few friends inquire about taking photos and I was just as obsessed with documenting their moments as I was for our own. So here is where I’m at… building my portfolio. I have a few sessions in the works already and hoping that more people will help me build my portfolio as well as gain some great future clients! The best thing for learning now is practice, practice, practice. I’m also so grateful for a few photographers I’ve spoken with that helped me take the plunge to learn and now put myself out there.

Here’s a few photos I’ve done for people other than my own family. To see more, visit my portfolio page.


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