19 Weeks | Baby #2

Baby #2 is a BOY! We were pretty surprised, given how many girls are in our family. All three of us, went to the ultrasound to check on baby and all looks great so far! Em loved watching the baby on the TV, but towards the end requested they put on the Trolls movie instead.

Thankful for a healthy baby boy to join our family! I may have already found some super cute boy clothes, including a swimming suit for his first beach trip!

18 Weeks | Baby #2

This week we find out if you are a boy or a girl, we can’t wait! Thankfully have been feeling awesome, maybe a little tired towards the end of the day, but happy to be able to chase Em around outside. Hopefully know the gender will help us nail down some names, we have so many ones we like! Also have been feeling flutters almost everyday, usually at naptime when I’m more still.

17 Weeks | Baby #2

I really haven’t feel like my baby bump hasn’t grown much week-to-week even though it was more “prominent” sooner. This week I felt the first legit flutters, so amazing! Getting lots of walks in now that the weather hasn’t been so frigid and we conquered potty training with Em, thankfully!

Can’t wait to see this little baby on the ultrasound next week and find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

16 Weeks | Baby #2

16 Weeks today! At my 16 week check-up baby’s heartbeat was about 150 and was moving constantly, every time the Doctor would find the heartbeat, little baby would move to a different spot. Feeling great and have so much energy to chase around Em!

15 Weeks | Baby #2

The baby bump doesn’t look much different from the past two weeks. When pregnant with Em, we always thought my bump looked “pointy” in photos, and I’d have to say this one looks similar! I just hope he/she isn’t sitting breech as well and getting comfy.

Feeling pretty great and have more energy every day – though winter is seeming to drag along with a toddler trapped inside, especially when potty training. #sendhelp!


14 Weeks | Baby #2

14 Weeks today! Not going to lie, the weeks seem to be going so slow around here! It might be because it’s winter and we’ve had a lot of free time, but trying to cherish it since in 26 weeks it won’t be just the three of us anymore!

I’m feeling pretty great lately, only thing I hate is brushing my teeth – so much gaging! And I really hate waking up early!

13 Weeks | Baby #2

Last pregnancy I documented week by week starting at 13 weeks, and it’s so fun to look back now, that I’m determined to document this one similarly…

I’m hoping to do the same weekly shot with some fun lifestyle shots of our family and bump every now and then – I’m giving myself a break and not making that part weekly! Since it’s winter, most days we stay in our PJs and play which is great right now while my energy is just starting to return. There’s been a couple days though I’ve felt so achy and feel like I’m moving like a sloth. Trying to remember to rest!

Morning sickness really hasn’t been an issue, I’ve just been keeping my tummy from being empty. I’ve only thrown up once and I think it was more related to acid reflux and brushing my teeth.

Every time I show Em that there is a baby growing in my belly, she just tries to pull my shirt down or push my belly button. Not quite sure she’s understanding any of what we are saying about the baby yet. She does tend to think the baby will be a brother, though we asked her what we should name it and she suggested “Mia” – probably because Molly from Bubble Guppies had a little sister name that – sorry Em, that’s not on our list 😉

Hopefully this baby will love ring-around-the-rosy…

New Year, New Baby – Happy 2017

We are so excited for 2017, because that means we’re adding a new little one to our family! We announced it to family and friends with our “new years cards” since we were late on the whole Christmas card thing 🙂

Baby #2 is due July 23 and we’ve already seen baby twice via ultrasound. We explain to Em all the time that she’s going to get a new brother or sister and we’re pretty sure she has no idea what we are talking about. Every time we tell her there is a baby in mommy’s tummy she goes, “belly button, what?!” For the record she has mentioned a couple times about a boy or a brother, so we’ll have to wait and see!

I plan to document the weeks just like last pregnancy, but still figuring out a fun, unique way to do so! I’ll be 13 weeks this Sunday, so I need to get going on this!

Here’s some of our favorite photos from our photoshoot to try to get a good one for the announcement, oh man, you would not believe how many photos it took!