Emerald’s 2nd Birthday

We can’t believe our little girl has turned two years old! To celebrate we both took the day off. We started with birthday donuts, balloons in her crib and room and opening presents. We then headed to Wirth Park waterpark and our cousins joined us for the fun!

Then Blaze Pizza for lunch and then home for a nap! We ended the night with pizza and mimi and papa’s with family again and running around in the backyard with the barbie jeep.

The next day we celebrated with family and friends with an “under the sea” birthday party!

Vegas Vacation 2016

Since both our birthdays are in April, we thought it would be fun to go away on a vacation as our birthday presents. We left Emerald with my parent’s and went to Lake Las Vegas, as well as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and the Hoover Dam.

The Westin at Lake Las Vegas was gorgeous, we had a great stay and would go there again in a heartbeat.

**All these photos were taken with Portra 400 film, scanned & developed by The Find Lab

Em’s First Haircut

It was time… to ditch the baby mullet! Even though her hair in the front still isn’t caught up, we needed to do a little maintenance trim to help. It’s got a little bit of a random wave/curl to it sometimes so it kind of looks like a hot mess most of the time, unless we put pigtails in, which is our go-to hair.

Thank you aunt Becky for taking time out of your crazy life to trim Em’s hair, we appreciate it and she enjoyed the snacks 😉 Hopefully it keeps growing in the front and we’ll eventually trim it again to hopefully even it out.


Easter 2016

We pretty much celebrated Easter all month long because why not! Em loves bunnies, which she calls “hop hop” so we made Easter Bunny masks, colored egg shaped objects, went to see baby chicks and bunnies, went to see the Easter Bunny, dyed eggs, went on an egg hunt and much more. Here’s the highlight reel of Easter 2016.



Yo Mama Date Night

Thursdays Drew and I do date night – whether that’s going out once a month or putting Emerald to bed and watching a movie. Sometimes before she goes to bed we go on a quick family date – this month we went to Yo Mama…