27 Weeks | Baby #2

27 Weeks – Last week of the second trimester and that just seems so crazy to me! Braxton hicks contractions have definitely started, especially when I go for long walks with Em, but trying to stay active while I can before it gets too hot out! Also, Em thinks baby brother’s name is Jack (since she has a few friends with little brother’s named Jack)… sorry to break it to you Em, that’s not his name!

26 Weeks | Baby #2

26 weeks! With the warmer weather and crazy toddler, the swelling has begun! Besides the swelling and feeling uncomfortable towards the end of the day (like I have this big basketball duct-taped to my belly), I’ve been feeling great! Now if only Emerald understand that mama needs to rest a little bit every once and awhile! She must know her days of being an only child are numbered…

25 Weeks | Baby #2

25 Weeks! Crazy how time is flying, yet going by so slow at the same time. With the weather warming up, it’s finally nice to be able to wear some dresses to show off my growing baby bump! I passed my glucose test easily this time, no getting dizzy or anything. But like I was with Em, I’m slightly anemic soooo here comes the iron pills!

24 Weeks | Baby #2

Grow baby, grow! Things are coming together for your nursery, you are kicking me like crazy, which I don’t mind, and this week I’ll have my glucose test (bleh!)

23 Weeks | Baby #2

You are moving more and more everyday, and finally starting to see your kicks from the outside – though every time I try to show your dad,┬áthat’s when you stop kicking baby boy. Stinker. Already starting to feel “large” way sooner than I did last time, hopefully you are tiny like your sister to make your delivery easy, pretty please!

21 Weeks | Baby #2

We got to see you wiggle around this week again! At our anatomy exam, this little guy was just chilling in an awkward position and they couldn’t get all the measurements they needed, so we went back today and he was head-down this time! I’m so excited that this little guy figured that out already and hoping and praying we can avoid a c-section and try for a vbac!

When we pulled into the parking lot at the hospital today, Em said “I’m so excited to see mommy’s baby” – she’s pretty pumped, hoping that lasts until he’s born and she’s excited to meet him in real life!

20 Weeks | Baby #2

Halfway point, hooray! You’re moving around quite a bit, and we’ve finally narrowed down a first name for you (though still working on a middle name!). While Drew was in China the past week and this week, I took some time to put my thoughts on re-designing the nursery a bit and put together an image in photoshop with the “look” we’re going for…