H&M Home Line Opening

Doing my usual morning inbox cleaning of marketing emails before work, I was quickly surprised by one marketing email. This one was from H&M announcing that you can FINALLY shop online in the U.S. ¬†which got me saying hip hip hooray! I’ve been a fan of the European line since high school when my friends Morgan and Raisa would talk at lunch about their most recent trip to Chicago and their finds. Call me jealous.

Finally a year or two later, an H&M store came to my home town mall and I was thrilled. Two thumbs up for cheap, fashionable clothes. At first it when it opened, it was just women’s clothes, but now a few years later boasts men’s clothes, which Drew has also taken a liking too.

But last year while shopping for decor for our home, I came across H&M’s home line and fell in love until I realized those items were not “purchase-able” in the US. Boo for all the Europeans keeping their lovely cheap home decor to themselves. Well FINALLY, today I saw that they opened it up to the US. And I have just about looked at everything I could have. Here is my wishlist so far (keeping it realistic for what our house actually needs)…

I LOVE me some cheap pillows – you could probably call me a pillow hoarder, though I’d say most women could say the same. PS what is it about guys not liking pillows, seriously the first thing my husband and his friends do when they come over is throw the pillow son the floor. I’m also loving the typography on some of the accessories, towels and linens. And BONUS for having some special $4 items for their grand opening. Love!

And while I was drooling over the home items, I took a look at some of the other great deals they have going on for clothing. I think I’m going to have to get me some more skinny jeans to complete my collection of 100 pairs + I’m loving these kids sweatshirts and think I may have found an early Christmas gift for my niece, Reese!

Seriously… you’ll want to get over there and get these deals, and no H&M totally didn’t pay me or anything to say this, but I truly LOVE all this stuff.

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