Playing in the Park

With intentions of seeing how golden hour hit this park near our house, I convinced Drew and Emerald to come explore with me… unfortunately, it turned overcast, but we still had a little fun just hanging out, tickling Emerald, and reading about animals. I love these little moments, no matter how insignificant they are.

80 Degrees + The Beach

Our summer has been so mild that we haven’t had many good days to get to the beach and enjoy playing in the water (usually just the sand). But finally an 80 degress and sunny Sunday meant we were heading there – and so was the rest of Pewaukee!

And because of the mild summer we’ve had the lake temperature was still pretty chilly, though it felt good for a whole minute just to cool off! Em was a fan of just sitting and splashing while the waves rolled in, not so much going out in the deep water with dad.

Beach Nights

After we all have long days at work, we like to make sure we spend some good, quality time with Emerald – even if its quick because bedtime is about 7:45. So to the beach we headed (where else would we go anyways)…

Also, so thankful Drew puts up with me when I want to take my camera everywhere and even will gladly take some shots with me in them as well. He’s the best – and he’s getting pretty good at taking shots too!!

Zoo Day & Feeding the Giraffes

Emerald isn’t too thrilled with the zoo yet, she definitely notices some of the animals, but it was fun getting to get up close and personal, ha with the giraffes since you now can feed them a snack! For the first time I just fed them and Emerald watched, maybe next time she can feed the giraffes herself!

4th of July 2015

We celebrated the fourth of July like we normally do – hang out at our house and head to the Pewaukee parade and fireworks. It’s also my dad’s birthday on the 4th so we always celebrate with some cake as well!

Summer Days at Grammy & Papas

We love when all the cousins come over to Grammy and Papas  – it’s always a fun, crazy time! Now that it’s summer it’s fun to get out the pool, barbie jeep and sprinkler and splash the day away! Em also started standing really well for long periods of time this day too!

Easter 2015

Easter (and all holidays) are so much different now that we’re parents – there’s something so exciting about making a little Easter basket for your daughter or buying her other gifts!

We celebrated Easter over the weekend by heading to Easter service at Life Church on Saturday. Then on Sunday we headed to Sheboygan for lunch at Becky and Josh’s house. And of course I took a million photos… problem is I need to get in front of the camera more…

Vanessa’s 26th Birthday

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22, err 26 – wait when did that happen? How come I still feel so young?!

To celebrate, Drew took off of work to spend the day with Emerald and I. First we were going to sleep in, but Em missed the memo and wanted to party early. Thankfully she just chatted away to herself until 7, so I could still sleep in somewhat. We let her get a good morning nap in (while Drew agreed to take a few photos with me, see below) and then we headed to Chilis for lunch. Then Drew took me shopping to my favorite stores: Target and Hobby Lobby, ha. Next up was the park to play on the swings and then we headed to Moes for dinner.

Then my parents allowed us to have a date night while the watched Emerald. Instead of the ol’ movie & dinner date we decided to try something new and paint pottery – we both picked out a mug to dress up. Drew went with a Milwaukee Tool theme and I went with an ombre theme. We’ll pick them up in a few days after they’ve been fired to see how they look. Then we ended the night with some coffee and relaxing at Starbucks.

25 was a pretty great year, but hoping 26 is even better!
PS when you start asking for new kitchen towels for birthdays you know you are somewhat getting old 😉