Vanessa’s 26th Birthday

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22, err 26 – wait when did that happen? How come I still feel so young?!

To celebrate, Drew took off of work to spend the day with Emerald and I. First we were going to sleep in, but Em missed the memo and wanted to party early. Thankfully she just chatted away to herself until 7, so I could still sleep in somewhat. We let her get a good morning nap in (while Drew agreed to take a few photos with me, see below) and then we headed to Chilis for lunch. Then Drew took me shopping to my favorite stores: Target and Hobby Lobby, ha. Next up was the park to play on the swings and then we headed to Moes for dinner.

Then my parents allowed us to have a date night while the watched Emerald. Instead of the ol’ movie & dinner date we decided to try something new and paint pottery – we both picked out a mug to dress up. Drew went with a Milwaukee Tool theme and I went with an ombre theme. We’ll pick them up in a few days after they’ve been fired to see how they look. Then we ended the night with some coffee and relaxing at Starbucks.

25 was a pretty great year, but hoping 26 is even better!
PS when you start asking for new kitchen towels for birthdays you know you are somewhat getting old 😉

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