Momma & Em

Baby brother will be here soon and it will be exciting to see her take on the new roll of big sister! Also trying to treasure the last weeks with just us two <3

Sheboygan Vacation 2017

Our plans for a vacation this summer got thrown out the window since it would be too hard to travel very far away, this far in my pregnancy, and too hard to travel with a super tiny newborn. So we went on a quick, mini vacation to Sheboygan. We stayed at Blue Harbor Resort, which is right on Lake Michigan – we had a lake view room and it was gorgeous!

We took advantage of the waterpark, the beach, and some local kids places such as a muesum and bookworm gardens.

34 & 35 Weeks | Baby #2

Feeling so BIG lately! I’ve gained about 25 lbs so far, and still have a few weeks to go. This is more than I gained with Em – but hoping he’s a bit bigger than Em was when she was born.

I went for an ultrasound at GE (non diagnostic/medical ultrasound), just because I was curious of his position, which is more transverse/oblique. Hoping he decides to turn head down in the next few weeks, so we can try a VBAC.

And the swelling….. soo swollen!

Emerald’s Third Birthday

Can’t believe our sweet little girl is already three years old (seriously, I want to cry – probably also the pregnancy hormones!). For her birthday we stuck with our favorite traditions… a gold number balloon, donuts for breakfast, doing a fun activity for a large chunk of the day (the beach this time!), go out to lunch (Em’s favorite – Blaze Pizza), opened presents which included a Jessie Doll, beach chair and Daniel Tiger pjs. We ended the day by heading to church (which she also loves), Chick-fil-a for dinner and the beach for ice cream right before bed! Overall I think she had a great day, and we’re so lucky to be her parents! We love you little Em!


We decided to celebrate Em’s 3rd Birthday party with family and friends over Memorial Day weekend since extra family was in town. Since Em LOVES unicorns, we did a unicorn themed party. Grammy made Em a special cake, we had a piñata, and all her favorite friends came. She still talks about her unicorn party today.

33 Weeks | Baby #2

Celebrating Em’s 3rd birthday this weekend and crazy to think how fast time really goes – pregnancy can seem to drag at some points, but in reality, it is going by so fast! Time to soak up all the time as a family of three!

32 Weeks | Baby #2

8 Weeks to go! I have just a couple more photo shoots before I’m done photographing other people… which good thing, because we really need to get going on some house projects including getting his room ready!!

31 Weeks | Baby #2

And the swelling begins! I figured since I swelled with Em towards the end on warmer days, being pregnant in the summer was going to be pretty hot and uncomfortable! All for the sake of a summer baby, and summer birthdays!

28 & 29 Weeks | Baby #2

I had to combine weeks this week because my camera’s shutter died and I had to send it into Canon – so I didn’t have one for the week! Starting to feel pretty big since none of my pants are fitting me anymore 🙁

Also, it’s so fun being pregnant with these friends (who are having baby girls!)