Emerald Eats!

At Emerald’s four month baby well appointment, her doctor told us to start her on cereal.

She’s been interested in sitting at the dinner table for quite some time and takes interest in our food and tries to grab it. But when we sat her down in her high chair to try some cereal, she wasn’t a fan!

We first teased her with some Lucky Charms, Drew’s favorite… she was happy with that idea!

Then we gave her the real stuff (watch this clip). She was smiles for a bit, but basically spit it all out (she’s still learning to close her mouth and swallow vs. using her tongue to spit it out). So we’ll keep trying a little at a time, and hopefully she’ll get that down and take more interest! For now it’s just another fun activity…

This face basically sums up how much she enjoys baby cereal…

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