Christmas with the Family

I know I say this every holiday, but I seriously have been blessed with an awesome family. I absolutely love hanging out with them! This Christmas was no different.

To kick things off, we had Christmas with Drew’s Mom, sister Stephanie and brother Eric on Sunday the 23rd. We had kabobs on the grill and enjoyed opening presents.

On Christmas Eve, both Drew and I had off – we enjoyed relaxing in the morning and then headed to Life Church’s Christmas Eve service with Scott, Kathy and the kids. Following, everyone came to our house to open gifts and watch “A Christmas Story”.

Christmas day, Drew and I woke up early to open our gifts from each other. As usual we both got some clothes, Drew got a video game and I got a large leaning mirror. Then, we headed over to Drew’s dads house to celebrate with his family again. We had brunch and opened gifts. Following, we headed to my parents house to spend the remainder of the day with them and my extended family.

Why are there only a few holidays a year, I could go for one holiday a month where we get to get together with family. We finished off Christmas with Drew’s extended family today (Saturday) and did a fun gift exchange and played this strategy game called “The Resistance.”

We hope you had a great Christmas!

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