Peck & Bushel – Apple Orchard 2015

As much as we wish summer could stay, we always have fun doing the typical fall activities. This weekend we headed out to Colgate and picked some apples. It was exciting watching Em just run around the orchard. She finally discovered she could eat the apples and it didn’t leave her mouth until we had to go and we took it away, holy tantrum. She loves her apples!

Beach Days in September

We’re treating each warm day in September as if it may be our last, since you never know when fall, I mean winter will hit! So 80 degrees in September called for a little beach time after nap-time.

The water was the perfect temp and Em was obsessed with splashing and enjoyed it so much! She also made a new friend, so cute! Hoping we can still squeeze out a few more beach days this year!

Labor Day 2015

Labor Day typically marks the end of Summer for us, but Drew was already back to school so we partied like it was still summer… corn on the cob, the kiddie pool and hanging outside. I love these types of days!

Summer Days – Splash Pad

There’s only a few days left of summer, and in Wisconsin those could easily be cut short thanks to cool weather – so we’ve been making it a point to explore our city. Today was the Lake Country Rotary Splash Pad in Hartland.

The water was freezing, but Emerald was still a champ and thanks to daddy for running through the cold water for her to have fun. She was shivering at the end, poor girl! Can’t wait to come back next time when she’s full fledge walking!

Summer Days – Lake Michigan & Sheboygan

Emerald and I went to visit Becky, Reese and Charleigh on Wednesday in Sheboygan. We visited Deland Park which has a beautiful beach – and the water is so blue, as if you were at the ocean. The beach was also empty thanks to cooler temps and off and on rain, but that didn’t stop the girls from having fun! The water was very chilly, so they stayed pretty far from it.

They chased birds, chased each other, played with the few toys we remembered to bring and a stick. Within an hour, we were ready to go home and give them baths, they were COVERED in sand! Can’t wait to visit again!

State Fair 2015

Since last year, Emerald couldn’t have cared less about the State Fair, we didn’t worry about taking her. This year, we figured she’d enjoy the cream puffs and animals. The cream puff, yes, however the animals not so much…


After exactly 400 days of nursing this little baby girl, we’re officially weaned. I couldn’t help but feel a little sad tonight knowing it was the last time. I realize it’s just another part of growing up and that she can’t stay my baby forever.

Breastfeeding was definitely a learning curve at the beginning, but thankful we stuck it out in the long run. There were days where I would think, wow it would be so much easier if I wasn’t breastfeeding… pumping at work, the witching hour(s) in the first few months and growth spurts, keeping up milk production, having to nurse in a private spot most of the time, and so on. However it did have it’s perks, I didn’t have to worry about carrying bottles, formula, milk around with me. I had everything I needed to feed my baby if she got hungry. That part is amazing, and became so convienent. It’s amazing how awesome our bodies are – growing a baby inside our bodies for 9 months, and then how we nourish them on the outside too.

I’m so thankful for the bond between us during those 400 days, but I will also be glad for a little bit of freedom. At the beginning you think, wow, every 3 hours I have to feed her and you feel so “needed” – but now those specific “needed” days are over you realize how it feels to feel needed, but I’ll know she’ll still need me in other ways. Speaking of freedom… it will be nice to getaway with Drew this weekend, I can wear dresses that don’t have button and normal bras, my hair is starting to grow back – can I get an amen. But then on the other hand, I know have to watch what I’m eating and start working out, boo.

Bedtime won’t be quite the same anymore, but I know there will still be plenty of time for cuddling – and now Drew can experience bedtime more often. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Not the normal post, but trying to document it all….I’ll always remember the way she crossed her feet and more recently would play with them while she nursed, or rub her blanket through her fingers…