Dream Couch is Ours!

Awhile back I professed my love for a certain couch – Well yesterday my dreams came true as we hiked down to Ikea (well we drove, not really hiked).

It began like this. I saw this sofa on a blog. Fell in love. Decided any house we bought had to fit this couch. Bought the house. Sat on the floor to watch tv in the meantime (not cool). Taped out the couch on the floor to make sure it would fit. Plan to go to Ikea to pick it up (borrowing a trailer) since the shipping on it would be $300+. Drove 2 hours to Ikea, loaded it up and brought it home.

And this is how it looked packaged up. Scary… but we weren’t too intimidated. I immediately started ripping open the boxes while Drew finished up some work stuff. Once he was done, we were ready to get assembling. Overall it was pretty darn easy – with the help of two people it made it go by faster. I was stuffing pillows and cushions while Drew was doing the nuts and bolts.

Here are a few shots I managed to take with my iphone every time I took a break to enjoy some lemonade…

Verdict. We LOVE it. We have yet to really enjoy it since we finished assembling at 10pm last night and then went to bed – it’s also a dark grey compared to the black color it looks in the photos. (PS don’t mind the awful space between the chaise. We realized we stuffed the cushion in the wrong way and have yet to fix it). This morning Eddy was professing his love for it too, as he was continually doing hurdles over and under the couch. It was a site to see. Oh and don’t you love our cardboard rug? Once we finish the space up a little bit more, I’ll share some non-iphone photos!

Eddy gets an Upgrade

So since we’ve been in the house-hunting, house-diy-transformation-mode, there are a few blogs I’ve been keeping daily tabs on for inspiration and ideas. One of them being Young House Love – I love their design style, their writing style and the fact that the are no experts… makes me feel like I can do it too. So I saw a random post about their doggie food and water dish and it totally got me thinking.

cat bowl inspiration

I couldn’t pay our cat in cat-nip to keep his food in his dish. It’s almost like he pushes his food out of his bowl onto the floor because he knows it’s my pet peeve.. ha pet pun. Even so that he thinks he is too good to eat it off the floor. His bowl can be empty and food surrounding it on the floor, yet he still makes his whiny-food noise. Drive me nuts.

So thinking like the Young House Lovers, I headed to Target on my lunch break to see what I could come up with for a solution. I found this cute teal-blue dish and grey serving bowls and thought it was perfect.

He immediately had to test them out – noisy cat. They have been working great, and I love the splash of elegant color. The only thing is they are super slippery and slide a little bit. I plan to add some type of grip (maybe velcro?) to keep them more in place. The dish does help a bit because it is curved upwards. This cat is so spoiled…