Patio Garden 2011 – Update 2

Here is an update now that Summer is actually here! Now I’ve planted lots of things we had leftovers of at work, such as Lilies, Elephant Ears, Dahlias, Begonias, and more. So many actually I am having a hard time what is planted where. It’ll be a surprise later when they bloom.

We also got these super nice pottery containers from leftovers, which then I had to go buy something larger to place inside it. So I planted a rose bush and a few other things.

This poor guy got fried when I put him outside…

Patio Garden 2011

It is my goal this year since now that I work at a place that sells flower bulbs… to:
A. Have a patio garden
B. Not kill the plants.
It is still pretty cold here, but I started some seeds inside and outside. Here is their progress. Also, I’ll be starting some more “bulbs” later once we have stock left over once the selling season is over. Look for updates and keep me accountable for not killing them.