Gardening it Up – 2012

And we’re back – summer that is, and so is my garden! Most of my plants did not survive the winter – due to the lack of insulation I gave them, so I started fresh this year, giving all my pots a complete dumping. This year I planted: dahlias, canna lilies, lilies, gladiolus, caladium, begonias, and some annuals I picked up at Steins. Right now the annuals are bringing pops of color to our two decks, while we are waiting for the bulbs to grow more (they have just started emerging from the soil). I can’t wait until next summer where we’ll actually have a house to plant things into the actual ground, not a million pots! Also, we’re so thankful for where I work Holland Bulb Farms, that there is a never ending supply of free bulbs at the end of each season!

yellow flowering annual

hanging basket red and purple annuals

marigolds and cosmo planter

growing green peppers

Green Bell Peppers

sedum growing

Sedum - one of last year's survivors

peony, year 2

Peony - Another survivor of last year

aloe plant from ikea

Trusty Ikea Aloe Plant - growing strong since 2010

And while were talking flowers, I went over to my parents a bit ago to take photos of what was blooming: allium, iris, and double tulips. Last fall I helped my mom plant over 300 bulbs – I’m glad I got to go over and take some shots of them. They’ll hopefully make it onto our ecommerce sites soon!

siberian iris holland bulb farms

Siberian Iris

purple allium giant flowers holland bulb farms


double fringed tulips holland bulb farms

Double Fringed Tulips

bearded iris holland bulb farms

Bearded Iris