16 Weeks | Baby #2

16 Weeks today! At my 16 week check-up baby’s heartbeat was about 150 and was moving constantly, every time the Doctor would find the heartbeat, little baby would move to a different spot. Feeling great and have so much energy to chase around Em!

15 Weeks | Baby #2

The baby bump doesn’t look much different from the past two weeks. When pregnant with Em, we always thought my bump looked “pointy” in photos, and I’d have to say this one looks similar! I just hope he/she isn’t sitting breech as well and getting comfy.

Feeling pretty great and have more energy every day – though winter is seeming to drag along with a toddler trapped inside, especially when potty training. #sendhelp!


14 Weeks | Baby #2

14 Weeks today! Not going to lie, the weeks seem to be going so slow around here! It might be because it’s winter and we’ve had a lot of free time, but trying to cherish it since in 26 weeks it won’t be just the three of us anymore!

I’m feeling pretty great lately, only thing I hate is brushing my teeth – so much gaging! And I really hate waking up early!

13 Weeks | Baby #2

Last pregnancy I documented week by week starting at 13 weeks, and it’s so fun to look back now, that I’m determined to document this one similarly…

I’m hoping to do the same weekly shot with some fun lifestyle shots of our family and bump every now and then – I’m giving myself a break and not making that part weekly! Since it’s winter, most days we stay in our PJs and play which is great right now while my energy is just starting to return. There’s been a couple days though I’ve felt so achy and feel like I’m moving like a sloth. Trying to remember to rest!

Morning sickness really hasn’t been an issue, I’ve just been keeping my tummy from being empty. I’ve only thrown up once and I think it was more related to acid reflux and brushing my teeth.

Every time I show Em that there is a baby growing in my belly, she just tries to pull my shirt down or push my belly button. Not quite sure she’s understanding any of what we are saying about the baby yet. She does tend to think the baby will be a brother, though we asked her what we should name it and she suggested “Mia” – probably because Molly from Bubble Guppies had a little sister name that – sorry Em, that’s not on our list 😉

Hopefully this baby will love ring-around-the-rosy…

New Year, New Baby – Happy 2017

We are so excited for 2017, because that means we’re adding a new little one to our family! We announced it to family and friends with our “new years cards” since we were late on the whole Christmas card thing 🙂

Baby #2 is due July 23 and we’ve already seen baby twice via ultrasound. We explain to Em all the time that she’s going to get a new brother or sister and we’re pretty sure she has no idea what we are talking about. Every time we tell her there is a baby in mommy’s tummy she goes, “belly button, what?!” For the record she has mentioned a couple times about a boy or a brother, so we’ll have to wait and see!

I plan to document the weeks just like last pregnancy, but still figuring out a fun, unique way to do so! I’ll be 13 weeks this Sunday, so I need to get going on this!

Here’s some of our favorite photos from our photoshoot to try to get a good one for the announcement, oh man, you would not believe how many photos it took!

One Year Ago – Emerald

Crazy to think this day exactly one year ago we got to see this little peanut for the first time on a screen!

She’s grown quite a lot since then, ah and she can’t believe it! Plus notice her fuzzy head she’s finally growing some hair! Drew likes to call her that “fuzzy head”…

Emerald’s Nursery

It’s been eight weeks since we finished the nursery the day before she was born and I snapped most of these photos (some I snapped today that shows her newborn photos in frames)… and it’s crazy to look at these photos and reminisce about the day before she was born which almost was the day she was born, since contractions started before my scheduled c-section.

It’s also crazy to think that I tried to edit these photos that night as I sat through so many painful contractions but decided to give up and go into the hospital. I had my to-do list and was determined to cross “post nursery photos on blog” off my list, but having a baby you learn you go with the flow, and things change.

We love her nursery… and not only did she need to love it (ha) but I needed to as well, since I spent a lot of hours logged here as she nurses. I love staring up at the photos of her when she was about 5 lbs (she’s now 8.5ish) and thinking back to those first few weeks…

If you want to know the source of anything, just ask!


Motherhood: One Month In

So I’m one month into motherhood. I definitely wanted to document my thoughts and emotions because it will be interesting to see how I feel come two months in, or even a year in.

When you are pregnant you just think about this cute tiny little baby inside of you, you prepare the nursery, take labor classes, but I honestly never really pondered motherhood much. Not sure if I was just too busy working on house renovations or the fact that everyone tells you motherhood is great, so why think about it much? I’m not saying it isn’t great, it’s just a lot different than I imagined.

I’d say the first month was pretty tough. You have all these crazy emotions, baby blues, you are exhausted, you start missing your old life when you didn’t have a baby needing your attention about 23 hours a day. The best way to describe my emotions were that I was jealous of all my friends who didn’t have babies yet, and if they were pregnant I wanted to reach out to them and tell them the honest truth about having a baby… get ready, your life is about to change and it’s not all rainbows.

I came across this article and I read it a lot, it puts into word my exact feelings the first month: What Nobody Tells You About the First Three Months of Motherhood. The whole “sometimes it won’t feel worth it” and the  feeling like an ungrateful jerk” part really were how I felt. Many times I thought about what it would be like if we waited a few more years to have a baby… and then the mommy guilt sets in.

When I was going through some of the baby blues, I also read this blogpost The Baby Blues, My Fear of Pampers and Finding Joy Again. While I wasn’t facing depression, just the normal baby blues, this girl reminded me about the true purpose of motherhood. She also reminded me about how God’s called us to be Emerald’s parents and he picked us to raise her and how he is changing my priorities to make room for her and focus on us as a family. Suddenly my perspective changed, in that it wasn’t just all about me and my old life and how it is no longer existent, but about this new chapter in life where God’s growing me into Emerald’s mom. I’m now reminded how much Emerald needs me and her dad, that I need to be there for her. I think the thought of being needed changes so many things, everyone wants to be needed.

I’ve also learned to stop googling all my questions about babies, milk supply, and motherhood and really start praying and asking for God’s help and guidance. Sure I can try all these things to make my baby take a nap, but I can also ask God to help show me what she needs to she can nap. And I need to remind myself of this everyday.

So for me, motherhood is about changing your perspective from looking at myself to thinking about what’s best for her. It didn’t come easy, but I’m there and only expecting things to get better. There is a season for everything, and this too shall pass were things that I remind myself, so that I cherish where we are now, but look forward to where we are going.

Emerald Joy is Here!

We’re so excited to introduce our little gem, Emerald Joy, born on June 10th, 2014 at 10:11am, weighing 5lbs 8oz and 18.5 inches long. We seriously can not be more in love. I tell Drew all the time I’m so thankful he made this baby with me.

Emerald (who we’ll also call E, Em, and Emmy) was going to be born c-section since she has been breech for a very long time and it didn’t look like she was going to turn since she was sitting pretty comfy in there (well comfy to her, still not sure how sitting folded in half is comfy). Since an external version was not going to be successful with me being a first time mom, and since her butt was dropped too far into my pelvis, the next step was to pick out her birthday, so we decided on June 10th. It was so nice to have the date all set and know when we could expect her arrival and finish up our to-do list and start my maternity leave at work.

However she was going to come no matter what on the 10th since I started having contractions on Monday. They got to be 5 minutes apart so we went into labor & delivery only to be sent home because I wasn’t dilated since she was breech. I was hoping they would just move up the c-section but the on-call doctor didn’t want to come in. We went home at 1am knowing we’d have to be back at 8am the next morning. Contractions got worse and worse pain-wise and I wasn’t able to sleep at all, I was miserable and just so ready to have her and get rid of the pain.

We went in a few minutes and thankfully they were able to push up the c-section to 9:30am since I continued to dilate to 3+ centimeters and in an incredible amount of pain. They even offered to give me pains thru my IV, but there was a mixup at the hospital pharmacy and I ended up not getting anything. At this point I was soooo ready to get the spinal to get rid of the pain and meet our little girl.

The spinal was more painful than I thought it was, just felt really uncomfortable and he had to do it a few times since I was in so much pain and had a hard time arching my back out. Once it took effect it was amazing and I couldn’t feel anything from the chest down. Then they hung the curtain, prepped me for surgery and brought Drew in. I started getting pretty nervous, but it all went away when they started talking about how they were pulling her out and how such a little peanut she was.

They whisked her away to the warming station and I was pretty sad I didn’t get to see her quick, but they wanted to clear her airways. I could see in the direction of the warming bed, but the nurses were all surrounding it so I couldn’t see her. Drew went over then to check her out and take a few photos so he could show me them on the camera. It was such a crazy feeling, we were parents, but I could’t wait until they stitched me back up so we could hold her more in recovery.

In recovery both of our body temps were too low, so I had to wait a little bit to hold her and do skin to skin. Once we were warmed up, I got to hold her and I thought she was the tiniest little peanut ever, but so cute. We were wheeled back into our original room and pretty soon my family came to meet her.

Emerald had a hard time keeping her temp up the rest of the day so they waited to give her a bath until the evening. The rest of the day is a bit foggy due to the meds I was on and just the whole adrenaline rush. But it was an amazing day and we are so in love with our little girl!

More photos to come…